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About Me


Hey there!

Gina has had a love for audio for as long as she can remember. Growing up with audio dramas and radio shows, she marveled at how people created a story with no visuals. Gina held onto that passion all throughout high school and college.

Gina first dove into the world of voice acting when she was 16, and has been looking for professional opportunities ever since. Often getting cast as the "main character's mom" Gina's lower register offers a range of emotions from friendly, to authoritative, to sassy, to everything in between!

Wanting to go even further into the world of audio, Gina used college to finetune her audio skills. She's been able to direct and edit dozens of audio drama and podcast episodes. While Adobe Audition is her DAW of choice, she doesn't hesitate to keep up with new technology and try different programs.

To put it simply, Gina loves to learn. Not only does she provide her A-game to every opportunity, but she also aims to take something new away from every experience. If you're looking for someone who loves to work with sound, whether through voice or through editing and is constantly learning new and better ways to work with it, look no further!

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